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Q:  Is it going to rain there?

A: We don’t know. It’s S. Fl. It could rain at any time. Please check your radar, or click here:


 Q: Are you open today?

A: Days & hours are listed on our "Home" page and our "Admissions" page. If it is during those hours, WE ARE OPEN. 

Q: Is everything included?

A: Except for gifts and snacks – Yes, With the exception of a few special encounters and experiences. Everything advertised as the experience you will get when visiting is included. Any add-ons are always mentioned as such. See our "When you Visit us" page for information about special tours.


Q: Is there an admission price & what is it?

A: General admission prices and group rates are listed on the admissions page of our website.


Q: How do I get there, What is your address?

A: Our address is on a Miami street. However, if you will be using a GPS, you will need to enter the address as follows.
23700 SW 142 Ave
Homestead, FL. 33032

OR, JUST enter "Safari Edventure" into Google Maps and it will send you right to us.

Please see the "Contact us Page" for turn by turn directions.


Q: What times are the presentations.

A: Weekdays are USUALLY at 12:00 & 3:00. Check with us when you arrive.  Typical weekend schedule  is 11:30, 1:30 & 3:30, but can vary.


Q: How far do I have to walk when I get there in order to see everything?

A:  It is possible to see everything here with under 1,000 steps, or less than 4/10 mile walking.


Q: How much time do I need to see & do everything?

A: You could easily take most of the day here if you really want to look at all of the animals and plants. The average person spends about 3 – 4 hours. The wolf encounters usually last about 10- 15 minutes each, but that can vary with the group. The hands-on wildlife presentation usually lasts about 1 hour, and you will also need time to look at everything else. We recommend not rushing through. You will certainly miss things if  you go too fast. Also, lots of orchids in the trees, lizards and birds everywhere, (including the very small Hummingbirds), butterflies, caterpillars, fish in the ponds, flowers on the bushes and trees, and tons more if you spend some time looking.


Q: We’re lost. We are near 112 ave & 248 or 264th street. How do I get there?

A: Use something other than Apple Maps. This is the area it will take you to. Apple Maps will not get you here. Waze is also getting people lost. We recommend using a different system following the instructions on the "Contact Us" page. (We have been told, but we have not tested, that if you put 142nd instead of 142 for the avenue, Apple Maps may work.) The easiest way to find us is by entering "Safari Edventure" into Google Maps. Please also visit our "Contact Us" page for a pin point map.


Q: We’re lost near Tamiami Airport. How do I get there?

A: Use Homestead for the city in your GPS instead of Miami. It  also helps to use the zip code – 33032.


Q: Is Safari Edventure wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes, with two minor exceptions. Wheelchairs can get up to, but not into the sunken garden. Also, you could get a wheelchair into the  Wolf enclosure, but it is not as easy to get to as most other places here. Just let us know when you are ready for the wolf encounter, and we will be happy to bring a wolf out to you. We do have a few wheelchairs here to lend out. There is no charge to borrow them while you are visiting. There is a paved drive through the center of the property, but most of the time you will be traveling across level grass or mulch. If you would like for us to open the gate on the paved driveway for you to enter, just send someone in or call and let us know. You can park outside the gate, handicap access is simple from there, we also offer Handicap parking inside our facility for disabled guests. 


Q: I’m calling repeatedly, but no one is answering. Why?

A: Our facility and office are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. That includes answering the phone. Our voicemail is not monitored, so the most reliable way to leave us a message is email. Our email address is If you need a quick response to a simple question, you can send us a text during our regular hours, If you text on the days we are closed, it will be answered sometime on the next day we are open.