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Presentations & Encounters Schedule

Weekend Schedule: 

10:00 – Gate opens

11:00 – Wolf encounters begin, and continue throughout the day. You do not need to be here at 11:00 to participate in the encounters.

11:30 – Hands-on presentation (About 1 hour)

1:30 – Hands-on presentation (About 1 hour)

3:30 – Hands-on presentation (About 1 hour)

Weekdays Schedule:

 Most weekdays the hands-on presentations will be at 12:00 & 3:00, although  presentation times can vary.

We do our best to ensure that every visitor is able to participate in a presentation. Please inquire about the next presentation time when you arrive.

Wolf  encounters are held throughout the day as needed.

The first encounters begin at about 11:00, and continue being offered until about 4:30, with some breaks during the day.